6 Driving Habits That Damage a Vehicle

Driving Habits That Damage a Vehicle | Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights, OH. Closeup image of an illuminated check engine light.

6 Driving Habits That Damage a Vehicle

Everyone has driving habits—some good and some bad. You want to keep the good and drop the bad driving habits. The bad ones could have you visiting Heights Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights, OH more than you should. Certain bad driving habits could also cause an accident, injuring you, your family, and other drivers.

1. Ignoring the Dash Lights

Sometimes, a dash light comes on. But your vehicle seems to run fine, so you ignore it. That is one of the worst things you can do to your vehicle.

Airbag warning lights, brake lights, tire pressure indicators, oil pressure lights, and check engine lights all warn you when something is wrong with the vehicle and that it’s time to find auto repair in Cleveland Heights, OH.

2. Riding the Brakes

Many people do not even realize that they ride the brakes. They might rest their foot on the edge of the brake pedal while driving down the road.

However, this bad habit could come back to haunt you in the form of prematurely worn brakes. If your foot puts enough pressure on the pedal, you’ll also drive with the brake lights on, which confuses other drivers.

3. Allowing the Fuel Tank to Get Low

Most of today’s vehicles have electric fuel pumps. The pumps are located in the fuel tank. The fuel helps keep the pump cool.

If you constantly run low on fuel, enough of the pump is exposed to air and could overheat, causing it to wear out sooner rather than later. You’ll be looking for auto repair in Cleveland Heights since the vehicle won’t start if the fuel pump isn’t working.

4. Ignoring Strange Noises

When you hear your vehicle making strange grinding, whistling, rubbing, or banging noises, you should bring it in for auto repair in Cleveland Heights, OH as soon as possible. Heights Swedish Solutions will track the noise down and repair it.

Noises could mean something loose in the suspension, an engine knock, worn brake pads, worn wheel bearings, and other issues.

5. Using the Wrong Fuel

Some people put premium or mid-grade fuel in the vehicle, even though it calls for regular. Manufacturers design engines to use a specific grade of fuel.

Using a more expensive grade could cause engine damage. It can significantly decrease fuel economy since the engine was not designed to run on higher octane (or lower if the vehicle calls for premium and you put regular in).

6. Revving the Engine

When you first start the engine, the oil is cold. It takes a couple of minutes to warm up enough to flow through the engine. Revving the engine does not speed this process up. It only serves to cause internal engine damage.

While our certified auto techs at Heights Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights, OH can certainly fix it, your pocket won’t like the cost of an engine replacement.

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