Porsche Service and Repair in Cleveland Heights, OH

Superb Porsche Service and Repair in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

While serving as your top shop in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, for Porsche service and repair, we proudly keep everything from turbo 911s to Cayenne SUVs in great shape. We handle all routine maintenance at the recommended intervals, complete minor to major repairs, and can even help with aftermarket upgrades. With our support, you can focus on enjoying the sheer luxury and performance of your Porsche while we handle the rest.

Come to Swedish Solution in Cleveland Heights, OH for Porsche Service and Repair

Factory Recommended Maintenance Intervals

Whether your Porsche is a luxury SUV or turbo sports car, it can greatly benefit from getting all its maintenance done at the factory recommended intervals. Beyond that, it’s key to use the highest-quality parts and fluids, especially if you regularly put its performance-minded build to the test.

When you come to our Cleveland Heights OH auto repair shop, you can trust that we will make all that a top priority. The maintenance schedule we’ll recommend for your car largely depends on whether it’s naturally aspirated or turbocharged. The year, model, and drivetrain matter, too, as does the aftermarket upgrades and how you drive it.

Most modern Porsches need maintenance every 10,000 miles, while older models may need to come in more often. During each visit, your car will get a full inspection from nose to tail plus an engine oil and filter change.

Other services your Cleveland Heights OH mechanic might complete include:

  • Fluid check and top-off
  • Brake service
  • Tire rotation
  • Drive belt replacement

Your vehicle may also need the engine and cabin air filters replaced at 25,000 miles and new spark plugs and wires at 50,000 miles. Brake fluid flushes are common every two years, while timing belts are often changed every six years or so.

Porsche Auto Repair Services

Our Cleveland Heights OH automotive technicians can complete all the minor to major repairs your Porsche needs to remain in good working order. Our team can diagnose and fix all kinds of problems including electrical gremlins, fluid leaks, and suspension damage.

The most common problems diagnosed on Porsche vehicles include:

  • Rear main seal oil leaks
  • Coolant leaks
  • Bad air oil separator
  • CV joint failure
  • Clutch wear

No matter what is going on with your car, our techs have all the right specialty tools, diagnostic equipment, and knowledge needed to get it fixed up fast.

Aftermarket Upgrades for Your Porsche

If you want to give your car a bit more get up and go, all you have to do is consult with our Cleveland Heights OH auto techs.

We can make your Porsche faster, nimbler, and even more fun to drive by installing:

  • Cat-back exhaust
  • Cold air intake
  • Bigger turbo
  • Suspension upgrades
  • Rims and tires

Curious what’s offered for your Porsche? Just ask our team, and we’ll help you figure it all out.

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