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As your top auto repair shop for VW/Audi service and repair, we understand what it takes to keep Euro cars performing at their best. Our Cleveland Heights OH auto techs have been servicing these cars for decades and always use the right tools, parts, and techniques. We are here to provide the support you need to protect your investment and enjoy all your travels to the fullest.

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Factory Maintenance Intervals for VW and Audi Vehicles

When you commit to having maintenance done by our auto repair shop in Cleveland Heights OH, you just know your car will stay in great shape through the years. Our technicians always follow the carmaker’s recommended maintenance intervals to keep your vehicle going strong mile after mile. With regular maintenance, Volkswagens and Audis can breeze well past 300,000 miles without major issues cropping up.

Most modern Volkswagen and Audi vehicles need service every 10,000 miles, although it largely depends on the model, drivetrain, and how you drive. When you bring your car to us for maintenance, your mechanic will usually recommend either the minor or standard service routine.


Minor maintenance starts at the 10,000-mile mark and occurs every 20,000 miles after that. If you do not drive that much in a year, you can have it done at the one-year mark, and then again every two years.

At this service appointment, your mechanic will:

  • Perform a full multi-point inspection
  • Change the engine oil and filter
  • Check the brake pads and change them if they’re beyond the service limit
  • Look at all the fluid levels and top off as needed
  • Reset the service indicator system to keep you well-informed

As our Cleveland Heights OH auto techs inspect your car, they will look for signs of leaks, corrosion, and part wear or damage. Then, they will provide a full report with their service recommendations.


Standard maintenance is completed every 20,000 miles and includes all the minor services.

On top of that, your auto repair tech will:

  • Verify the braking system is in good shape
  • Change the cabin air filter
  • Lubricate the door hinges and latches
  • Check the coolant level and refill as needed
  • Look at the tread wear and rotate tires
  • Verify the absence of play in the suspension

Beyond all that, VW and Audi vehicles typically need their spark plugs replaced at 30,000 miles and engine air filter replaced every 60,000 miles.

Protect Your Audi and Volkswagen Vehicles with Regular Repairs

Even with timely maintenance, you can expect your Volkswagen or Audi’s parts to wear out and fail on occasion. When that happens, just bring your car to our Cleveland Heights OH auto repair shop for repairs.

Our techs can accurately diagnose the issue using factory scan tools and other high-tech equipment to pinpoint the exact cause. Then, they can complete the work to your satisfaction using their Euro car knowledge, specialty tools, and your preferred parts.

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Whenever you need VW/Audi service and repair, you can reach out to our team at Heights Swedish Solutions with a call to 216-371-5100. You’re also welcome to fill out our online form, and we’ll get right back to you. Our team looks forward to helping you find a convenient time to come down to our Cleveland Heights OH auto shop for all the maintenance and repairs your VW or Audi vehicles need.


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