Subaru Service and Repair in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Where to Go for Subaru Service and Repair in Cleveland Heights, Ohio  

When you need Subaru service and repair, you can always count on our skilled techs to come through for you. We’ve been proudly serving as the leading auto repair shop in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, since the late 1980s and truly understand what it takes to keep cars in great condition. Using that knowledge, we can handle all the routine maintenance and repairs needed to keep your Subaru on the road for the long term.

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Subaru Factory Maintenance Recommendations

When you keep your Subaru well-maintained with our help, you can trust that it will run and drive at its best mile after mile. In fact, you can easily get more than 250,000 miles out of your car even while constantly putting it through its paces. Whether you like to cruise along demanding mountain roads or load up for long road trips, regular maintenance will keep your car feeling great no matter what.

While older Subaru vehicles needed maintenance every 3,000 miles or so, modern models only need to come in for service every 10,000 miles. At each visit, our techs will follow one of the four following factory maintenance routines as recommended by the manufacturer.

Service A

At the first 6,000-mile mark and every 12,000 miles after that, your car will get the Service A routine, which includes:

  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Tire pressure check and inspection
  • Axle boot condition check
  • Battery service
  • Top off all fluids

Your Cleveland Heights OH mechanic will also lubricate all your door latches, hinges, and locks. Then, check the underbody for damage before performing a road test.

Service B

Service B occurs every 12,000 miles and includes all of the same services done at the A level plus:

  • Front and rear brake inspection
  • Tire rotation
  • Cabin and engine air filter change
  • Coolant test

Depending on your preferences, your car may also benefit from a wheel alignment at this visit.

Service C

Your Cleveland Heights OH auto tech will perform Service C every 30,000 miles. This service includes all the maintenance tasks performed at prior levels and adds:

  • Brake service and fluid replacement
  • Fuel injector service
  • Emission hose check
  • PCV valve replacement

Like with Service B, a wheel alignment is recommended as well.

Service D

Your Subaru will need Service D every 60,000 miles. In addition to all the prior services, this maintenance routine includes spark plug and wire replacement plus a transmission and differential fluid change.

Beyond all these services, you’ll need to bring in your car for a timing belt replacement at 100,000 miles and a coolant flush at 140,000 miles.

Protect Your Investment with Regular Subaru Repairs

Despite your commitment to following the ideal maintenance schedule, you will still need to come in for Subaru service and repair on occasion. Parts will wear out over time and could suffer damage, leading to the need for their replacement.

When that happens, all you have to do is schedule a visit to our Cleveland Heights OH auto repair shop and we’ll take care of it. Our techs have the tools and knowledge needed to accurately diagnose the problem, and then complete the right repairs the first time around.

Ready for Subaru Service and Repair in Cleveland Heights OH?

When you need Subaru service and repair, just give our team at Heights Swedish Solutions a call to get your car on the schedule. We’re always available at 216-371-5100 to help you find a convenient time to come down to our Cleveland Heights OH auto shop. So, feel free to reach out anytime you need help from our skilled Subaru technicians.


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