Common Steering and Suspension Issues in European Cars and How to Fix Them

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Common Steering and Suspension Issues in European Cars and How to Fix Them

The steering and suspension are two different systems on your vehicle, but they work together to keep you safe and provide an enjoyable ride. If you don’t maintain both systems, you’ll experience a bumpy ride, difficulty in steering, and an increased risk of an accident. Heights Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights, OH can check the steering and suspension and help you with suspension and steering repair.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Maintain your car’s steering and suspension by checking the alignment at least once a year. The alignment check ensures that the wheels have the proper angles. During the alignment check, your auto technician can check the suspension components, including shocks, struts, springs and bushings, for wear.

You should also check your vehicle’s power steering fluid at least once every month, along with the other fluids your vehicle uses.

Signs You Need Suspension and Steering Repair

If you notice changes in how your vehicle handles, loud noises under the vehicle, or bouncing when you hit a bump, you may need suspension service or suspension repair. If the steering wheel isn’t straight or vibrates, you may need steering repair.

Other indications of steering or suspension malfunction include:

  • The steering wheel is hard to turn.
  • The steering wheel vibrates.
  • The steering wheel feels loose.
  • The car pulls to one side.
  • You hear screeching or grinding.
  • You can feel every bump on the road.
  • The vehicle doesn’t sit evenly on an even surface.

Finally, if your vehicle’s tires wear unevenly, you may have a problem with the suspension or steering. Because the suspension and steering rely on each other, a broken or worn part in one system can affect the other.

Common Steering Problems

Some of the most common steering problems include:

  • Low Power Steering Fluid: You hear grinding when you turn the steering wheel. The power steering fluid may be low. Check it and top it off. Look for power steering leaks.
  • Failing Rack: If the vehicle wanders and you hear grinding noises, you may have a bad rack. A certified auto tech at Heights Swedish Solutions can replace the rack.
  • Worn or Broken Accessory Belt: If you have a hard time steering, it could mean multiple issues: the vehicle may overheat, the alternator might not charge the battery, and the air compressor could fail. Replace the serpentine belt.
  • The Car Won’t Steer: You may have bad tie rods. Bring your vehicle to Heights Swedish Solutions, and we’ll check the tie rods and the rest of the steering and suspension systems.

Common Suspension Problems

Some of the most common suspension problems include:

  • Tires Show Uneven Wear or Scalloping: The tires may be out of alignment. Sometimes, this takes a minor adjustment, while other times, it means you need to replace one of the parts in the steering or suspension systems.
  • Excessive Bouncing and Swaying: If the vehicle bounces you all over the place or sways, especially in curves, you may have bad struts or shocks. A certified auto tech at Heights Swedish Solutions can diagnose and repair the problem.
  • Excessively Bumpy Ride and Banging: You may have a worn or broken spring.
  • Clunking Noise and/or Vehicle Drifts: You may have bad ball joints, which affects the suspension and the steering.
  • You Lose Control of the Vehicle, Hear Loud Banging and Wandering: A control arm may be broken. If the car just wanders and you hear banging, the control arm bushings may be worn.

Contact Heights Swedish Solutions for Suspension and Steering Repair

If you’re experiencing problems with your vehicle’s steering and suspension, it’s unsafe to drive unless you are certain that you won’t lose control. It’s better to tow the vehicle to us. Even a bad power steering pump or being low on fluid could cause you to lose control of the vehicle since it becomes difficult to steer. Additionally, if the pump is good, but a hose is leaking, you could damage the pump if you continue to drive the vehicle.

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