Common Subaru Brake Repair Symptoms

Common Subaru Brake Repair Symptoms with Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights, Oh. image of blue Subaru sedan stopped in parking garage

Common Subaru Brake Repair Symptoms

When your braking system works as intended, you can stop on a dime without giving it a second thought. But if something goes wrong, the symptoms may leave you a bit frazzled – and more than ready for a solution. Thankfully, at Heights Swedish Solutions, our Cleveland Heights OH auto repair team has got your back. Just let us know what your brakes are doing – or not doing – and we will track down the problem and fix it fast. To help you recognize braking system issues, here’s a look at the top symptoms that indicate it is time for Subaru brake repair.

Squealing Sounds Coming from the Wheels

When your brake pads start squeaking, squealing, and generally making a ruckus, it’s often a sure sign that you’re due for a maintenance appointment. In most cases, the high-pitch noise occurs as the metal tab on the pads hit the rotor surface to let you know it’s time for their replacement. If that’s not the problem, then the calipers could need lubrication, adjustment, or repairs.

Shuddering While Pressing the Brakes

As you press down on the brake pedal, your car should smoothly slow down and come to a stop. If it shudders and shakes instead, your rotors could be warped. The shuddering occurs as the pads skip around on the high and low areas on the rotor. To fix this problem, your Cleveland Heights OH auto technician at Heights Swedish Solutions, will need to either resurface the rotors or replace them outright.

Pulling to One Side or the Other

When you notice any pulling to the left or right while hitting the brakes, it’s time for a prompt brake inspection. Oftentimes, this symptom occurs due to poor fluid flow in the brake lines or a caliper that is stuck closed. One of our tech’s will need to do a little looking around to find the source of the problem and figure out which Subaru brake repair will resolve it.

Glowing Brake System Warning Light

If you drive a newer Subaru, you have a brake system warning light looking out for you. Anytime the sensors in the system detect a problem, the warning light turns on and lets you know to get to the shop ASAP. Since it cannot tell you exactly what’s wrong, it’s often best to get a tow into the shop to avoid having your brakes go out on you while driving around town.

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When you’re in need of Subaru brake repair, all it takes is a call to 216-371-5100 to reach our team at Heights Swedish Solutions Cleveland Heights OH. We will listen to your concerns, let you know if it’s likely your brakes causing your headache, and set up a convenient time to bring your car down. We’ll even let you use our loaner car or give you a ride to your next destination when you schedule your visit in advance. Give us a call today, so we can get started on getting your car back on the road.