Get Fall Car Care Services for Your Euros and Swedish Cars

Get Fall Car Care Services for Your Euros and Swedish Cars with Heights Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights OH; image of view from steering wheel driving in the autumn during the day

Get Fall Car Care Services for Your Euros and Swedish Cars

Fall Car Care

As soon as you say goodbye to the 70-degree days, you know that rain, wind, and even ice are undoubtedly on their way soon. To get your vehicle ready for adverse weather conditions, you must make fall car care a top priority. Thankfully, you can get the help you need by partnering with our team at Swedish Solutions. As your leading Cleveland Heights, OH auto repair team, we’ll complete all the following services to prepare your car for fall and beyond.

Clean Up the View

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, it’s best to have new windshield wipers on your side. Otherwise, you could get stuck with a windscreen smeared with water, blurring the road ahead. Your mechanic can easily prevent that from happening by replacing your wipers and filling up your windshield washer fluid at the start of the season. Then, they can go above and beyond by restoring your cloudy headlight lenses and checking to make sure all your other lights are working as well.

Maximize Your Handling

When the roadways end up wet, more often than not, your tires have to work overtime to maintain grip on the road. If your tires have minimal tread left, their performance will suffer, even more, leaving you hydroplaning across even the tiniest of puddles. When that happens, your only choice is to replace your tires with new ones. After that, you can keep your tires in great shape for as long as possible by getting regular tire rotations and wheel alignment services.

Improve Stopping Power

The wet weather wreaks havoc on stopping power, especially if your brakes are out of spec. So, have your auto tech in Cleveland Heights, OH, check your brakes’ condition before the rainy days arrive. They will measure your rotors and pads and inspect all the other braking components to know what services are due. They can also perform a brake flush to refill the system with new fluid and keep the brake fade at bay.

Complete Other Routine Maintenance

Since you’re already coming into the shop for fall car care, it just makes sense to ask about what factory-recommended maintenance services are due. That way, you can get all the work done in one fell swoop and put your future visits on the calendar. Your tech will help you create the perfect maintenance plan for your budget while keeping the needs of your car in mind.

Need Swedish and European Auto Repair in Cleveland Heights, OH?

At Swedish Solutions Cleveland Heights, OH, we take fall car care seriously. On top of that, you can always count on us for all the Swedish and European auto repairs your car needs to stay in great shape. If you’re ready to come into the shop for service, just give us a call at 216-371-5100. We’re always happy to help you find a great time to drop by and get your car ready for the season ahead.