Get Your Audi into Shape with this Summer Maintenance Guide

Get Your Audi into Shape with this Summer Maintenance Guide with Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights Oh. image of 4 young adults driving a convertible audi on a warm summer day with hands in the air

Get Your Audi into Shape with this Summer Maintenance Guide

Since the summer heat can take quite a toll on luxury cars, you’ll want to get your Audi into shape well before temperatures rise. By doing so, you can preserve its performance, drivability, and exquisitely good looks. And our team at Heights Swedish Solutions is here to help with this summer maintenance guide. Simply plan on completing all the services below to keep your car in great condition and avoid the need for Audi repair.

Oil Change

With every oil change done by your trusted Cleveland Heights OH auto techs, you help protect all the internal parts in your engine. The fresh oil effectively lubricates and cools, while the new filter pulls contaminants out of the mix. When you need to come in depends on your Audi’s year, model, and build characteristics. We recommend between 3,000 and 6,500 miles depending on the oil being used.

Brake Flush

Brake fluid wears down over time as well plus absorbs water, which lowers its boiling point. As that happens, you might notice brake fade come on faster than normal and decimate your stopping power. To avoid that, you’ll need to rely on your trusted mechanic to see when they recommend you replace the brake fluid in your vehicle.

Tire Rotation

As you pilot your Audi around town, each of your tires wear at different rates, largely based on their position on your vehicle. You can even out their wear by having a tire rotation performed on a regular basis. If you drive a coupe or sedan, aim to get this service every 20,000 miles, while SUVs are better off having it done every 10,000 miles instead.

Wheel Alignment

Along with a tire rotation, have a wheel alignment performed regularly as well. When you have your Cleveland Heights OH tech align your wheels, they optimize the contact patch to slow wear and improve grip. You can then trust that your vehicle will perform at its limits on demand without blasting through each set of tires.

Battery Service

No matter how often you drive your car, your battery will likely only last up to six years. Excessive corrosion on the terminals, electrical gremlins, and other issues can accelerate problems, so have your battery checked each time you visit the auto repair shop.

Paint Protection

Without protection, the hot summer sun slowly degrades the clear coat on your beloved Audi. You can slow down that process by washing your car with a high-quality carwash soap and dry it from nose to tail. Then, make sure to apply a quality automotive wax and buff the paint until it shines. The wax will act as a sunscreen of sorts and help protect your clear coat from damage.

Need Audi Repair and Maintenance? Come to Our Cleveland Heights OH Auto Shop

If you’re ready to follow our summer maintenance guide and get your Audi ready for the hot weather, just give us a call at 216-371-5100. At Heights Swedish Solutions Cleveland Heights OH, we understand what it takes to keep luxury vehicles running and driving their best all throughout the year. So, give us a call anytime you need Audi repair and maintenance and our team will take fantastic care of your car.