How to Tell Your VW Needs A/C Service and Repair In Cleveland Heights Oh

How to Tell Your VW Needs A/C Service and Repair in Cleveland Heights Oh with Swedish Solution Automotive; image of attractive woman holding a bottle of cold water to her head while holding her steering wheel in her car with her eyes closed

How to Tell Your VW Needs A/C Service and Repair In Cleveland Heights Oh

Whether you’re headed out to VW meetups or just want to tool around town, the last thing you want is to have your A/C go out right in the middle of your travels. If that happens, then you’re in for a hot ride that’ll leave you feeling rather spicy until you can get it fixed. Fortunately, you can watch for the following signs that your air conditioning system is on the fritz and get A/C service and repair before it stops working.

A/C Doesn’t Blow as Cold

Before your air conditioning system stops working altogether, the air coming out of the vents might start to feel much warmer than normal. This can occur as the fans keep blowing, but the cooling mechanism fails to chill the air before it hits the cabin space.

Ideally, the air coming out of the vents of your VW should be about 38 degrees Fahrenheit at the warmest. A bad condenser, refrigerant leak, and even electrical problems can decrease cooling until all you feel is warm air coming out of the vents.

Poor Airflow Through All the Vents

When you turn your A/C on high, you should feel a strong breeze of cool air flowing through the cabin space. If that breeze turns into a trickle, then you likely have a real problem on your hands. Without good airflow, the air conditioning system cannot keep the cabin cool, causing temps to rise rather quickly.

In some cases, the poor airflow might link back to:

  • Stuck blend door
  • Vent clogged with debris
  • Blocked air intake
  • Dirty cabin air filter

Other times, you might need to have the A/C compressor replaced with a new one to resolve the problem.

Strong, Stale or Mildew Smells

There’s no doubt about it: Volkswagens are known for their interior water leaks. But if your seals are good, and you still smell a stale or mildew scent, then it might be coming from your vents. This happens as the evaporator stops working right, allowing mold and mildew to grow inside.

If you don’t tend to the issue in a timely manner, the evaporator may give up the ghost, leaving you without cold air coming from the vents. So, be sure to report any strange smells to your Cleveland Heights OH VW mechanic. They will look over your VW to find and fix the cause, so you can head out on your adventures in no time flat.

Need A/C Service and Repair for Your Volkswagen?

If you notice any of the above signs that your VW needs A/C service and repair, call 216-371-5100 to reach our team at Heights Swedish Solutions Cleveland Heights OH. We will help you find a great time to bring your car down and get your air conditioning system looked over. Our techs can use their skills and expertise to accurately diagnose the problem and let you know their auto repair recommendations. Then, with your air conditioning running at peak efficiency, you can stay cool and comfortable while behind the wheel of your beloved Volkswagen.