Importance of Servicing Your Mercedes-Benz

Importance of Servicing Your Mercedes-Benz

Driving a Mercedes-Benz can make some feel like they are the king of the world. But if you don’t service your Mercedes-Benz, that feeling will only last for a moment. That’s why it’s key to maintain your vehicle routinely. Understanding when to maintenance your Benz makes it easier to extend its durability and minimize any issues. Here’s what you should know:

Servicing Basics

Servicing your Mercedes-Benz is easier now more than ever before. Most newer models get service done at roughly every 10,000 miles. During this time, you can expect your service specialist to change the oil, check the fluid levels, conduct a multipoint inspection and install new wiper blades. You can also expect to have your brake fluid, engine filter and cabin filter changed every 20,000 miles.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Mercedes-Benz 2010 and newer models typically require a maintenance check every 10,000 miles. If you don’t drive your vehicle 10,000 miles within a year, you should have it checked every year. Not all Mercedes-Benz are the same, so it’s important that you take note of your vehicle model to determine the best time for factory scheduled maintenance. You can find this information in the car’s manual. For example, all Mercedes-Benz models require 10,000-mile maintenance or Schedule A check. However, if you own an AMG model, you’ll have to bring in your car at 2,000 miles for a rear axle oil change. Some older models require an oil change before you reach every 2,000 miles, too.

Final Thoughts

Servicing your Mercedes-Benz is an important step in maintaining your car so that it stands the test of time. By keeping up with your routine maintenance schedule and using the help of a highly-trained Mercedes-Benz technician, you can enjoy your vehicle longer and have the peace-of-mind of traveling safely on the road.