Importance of Servicing Your Porsche

Importance of Servicing Your Porsche

If you own a Porsche, you most likely selected this German car for its reputation of performance, quality, and reliability. The Porsche sedans, SUVs, and even the high-performance sports cars are appropriate for everyday driving. Since it will be the car you count on to get you where you’re going, it’s important to keep it serviced as the manufacturer directs. This helps ensure that the latest technology and the superb dynamics are maintained so that the car operates at its best.

Reasons for Servicing Your Vehicle

The owner’s manual of your Porsche has guidelines that tell you when to get your car serviced. You also have warning lights that indicate the car is due for servicing. Smart car owners adhere to these timelines because it saves them time, money, and prevent mechanical breakdowns in the future. Servicing your car is comparable to going in for your annual physical each year. Doing so helps ensure that the doctor — or car technician — catches any minor problem and fixes it before it becomes a major dilemma. The owner’s manual instructs you on which services you will need according to the specific mileage on the car. Routine maintenance that is done at the regular servicing of your Porsche can include:

  • Checking your tires: The right tire pressure ensures that you get the best mileage and also helps prevent the tires from wearing unevenly. This part of the servicing may or may not include rotating and balancing the tires depending on the recommendations by the manufacturer. Wheel alignment may also be necessary.


  • Changing the oil and other fluids: Think of oil as your car’s life blood. Getting the oil changed regularly — and the oil filter, if needed — is vital for the health of the engine. The technician will also check the transmission fluid, brake and clutch fluid, and the engine coolant. All these fluids must be replenished, or replaced, and kept at the proper level in order for the car’s performance to be at its peak.


  • Replacing the windshield wipers: This ensures that the wipers work well so that you can see properly during inclement weather.


  • Replacement of certain parts: Things like your fuel filter, timing belt, spark plugs, and drive belt will also be inspected and replaced when necessary.


Neglecting to get your Porsche serviced properly results in reduced gas mileage, it won’t operate as smoothly or efficiently, and you could find yourself paying a lot of money if you have a mechanical failure. Getting the vehicle serviced regularly — and documenting it in your logbook — assures that you will always get the superb performance expect from a Porsche and increases the resale value.