Is it Time for BMW Brake Service?

Is it Time for BMW Brake Service? | Heights Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights, OH. Closeup image of side-front view of blue BMW.

Is it Time for BMW Brake Service?

The certified auto technicians of Heights Swedish Solutions check various systems when you bring your BMW for maintenance. But there is always the possibility of the brakes wearing out before the next service.

You can look for signs of worn brakes and other brake issues while driving. Many shops can try to estimate when to replace your BMW brakes. In reality, it all depends on your driving habits.

If you believe your vehicle needs brake repair, contact Heights Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights, OH for an appointment.

Diminished Brake Performance

You may need brake repair if you notice that it takes a bit longer to stop or the brake pedal goes closer to the floor to come to a complete stop. Depending on the vehicle mileage, it could be the brake pads, rotors, calipers, hoses, or the master cylinder.

When you bring your vehicle to Heights Swedish Solutions, we’ll check all the brake components to determine which one is causing the problem.

Noisy Brakes

Most people don’t realize they need brake service until they hear the brakes grinding or squealing.

The brake pads have a small piece of metal attached to the backing plate. It rides vertically against the edge of the brake pad. Once the pad wears down to the height of the metal tab, the tab rubs against the rotors to warn you that you need brake pad replacement.

The Brake Light Comes On

A BMW has several brake lights:

  • The ABS light
  • A light for the emergency brake which simply tells you that you have the emergency brake on
  • A brake light that tells you the brake fluid is low


If the third light is on, your vehicle needs immediate attention and is not safe to drive. If the brake fluid is low, you most likely have a brake fluid leak. The leak could be at the master cylinder, the lines at the master cylinder, a caliper, or a brake line under the vehicle.

The ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) Light

If the ABS light comes on, the ABS computer is throwing a code. The vehicle is safe to drive in most cases, but the ABS will not help if you have to slam on the brakes.

If the ABS is not working, it does not release the locked-up wheel. You could skid out of control. It’s like driving the older vehicles in the years before ABS.

If the ABS light comes on and the brakes feel weird, don’t take a chance to drive your car. Have it towed to our auto shop. If the brakes feel normal but the ABS light is on, still bring your vehicle for brake service as soon as possible.

Contact Heights Swedish Solutions for BMW Brake Repair & Services

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