3 Common Signs You Need Saab Auto Repair in Cleveland Heights, OH

3 Common Signs You Need Saab Repair in Cleveland Heights Oh with Heights Swedish Solution image of black convertible SAAB parked on street

3 Common Signs You Need Saab Auto Repair in Cleveland Heights, OH

Although your car is undoubtedly the picture of reliability, there’s still going to be a time when it needs Saab repair. Like most cars, Saabs have their weaknesses, often breaking in the same way despite your best efforts to keep them well maintained. Fortunately, that just means that you can keep a close watch for all the following signs you need Cleveland Heights auto repair and then zip into the shop before the issue gets worse.

Coolant Loss without an Obvious Leak

Since coolant circulates in a closed system, you shouldn’t notice a decrease in your radiator fluid levels while checking your automotive fluids. If you do, then it’ll likely be due to a leak somewhere in the system, like a coolant hose, heater core, or radiator.

However, when it comes to Saab repair, it’s possible that the coolant loss could be internal. If you don’t notice an apparent leak, then the head gasket may have failed, allowing coolant to mix with the oil. You’ll likely see oil floating on top of the coolant or a grey sludge on the cap when you open the radiator.

There’s also a chance that your engine block could be losing coolant through casting defects. This problem is known as engine block porosity and affects many Saab powerplants, including the 2.0L in the 9-3.

Oil Leaks from High Crankcase Pressure Levels

The positive crankcase ventilation, or PCV, valve recirculates exhaust gases to keep your Saab cleanly burning its fuel and running strong. When the PCV valve gets clogged, the pressure inside the crankcase increases, potentially blowing the seals.

If that occurs, then you’ll notice a lot of minor to significant oil leaks along the valve cover. While doing an inspection, your auto tech may also note leaks along the rear main seal.

Replacing the PCV valve regularly can help prevent this issue. Unfortunately, once the oil leaks appear, you’ll have to get the blown seals replaced as well.

Sudden Increase in Noise from the Exhaust

Even when driving with care, there’s a chance that the flex pipe in the exhaust will fail. When that happens, you’ll instantly notice that your car sounds a whole lot louder, especially as you accelerate.

The flex pipe allows the exhaust to move just enough to prevent the welds from breaking when in good condition. As your motor mounts wear out, the engine can start to move forward and back as you travel down the road, putting too much stress on the flex pipe and causing it to break. Regular inspections can help prevent that from happening, although it’s often unavoidable in the long run.

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