Tire Wear Patterns: What’s Wrong with My Vehicle?

Tire Wear Patterns: What's Wrong with My Vehicle? | Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights OH. Closeup image of a worn-out tire.

Tire Wear Patterns: What’s Wrong with My Vehicle?

While many people check their vehicle’s tires frequently, many do not.

The wear patterns on the tires can tell you a lot about the vehicle, like a suspension problem, alignment issues, or too much or too little air. Give your tires a good look at least once per month, and rotate them when you do an oil change.

Contact Heights Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights, OH if you notice uneven wear patterns. One of our auto technicians can determine what is wrong with your vehicle.

The Effects of Tire Wear

When you ignore tire wear patterns, your vehicle becomes less safe. Even when partially worn on one side, worn tires could cause blowouts, separated tires, hydroplaning, spinouts, and less efficient braking.

Heights Swedish Solutions replaces tires in Cleveland Heights, OH. We also provide tire repair if the tire is repairable. Worn tires generally cannot be repaired, but we can fix a hole in the tread.

Tire Shoulder Wear

The tire shoulder can wear on the inside or outside of the tire.

If you notice either the edges wearing faster than the rest of the tire, you could have an alignment problem. Toe and camber could cause this wear pattern. If you also notice your vehicle pulling to the left or right, that is another clue that you need an alignment.

Air pressure is not enough if the center wears faster. If the tires are underinflated long enough, it can reduce fuel efficiency. You also have a higher risk of having a blowout.

Cupping or Scalloping

When the tire tread shows diagonal cupping or scalloping patterns, you most likely have a problem with the suspension. As the suspension wears out, it allows the vehicle to bounce more. The tires move erratically, creating the tread’s cupping pattern.

Heights Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights, OH will look at the various suspension components if there is cupping or scalloping. We can replace the worn suspension parts and install new tires if needed.

Center Wear on Tire Tread

When the tire tread wears faster in the center of the tire, you most likely have too much air pressure in the tires. Check for the appropriate tire pressure, then remove some air.

When you drive on overinflated tires, you lose traction since less of the tire is in contact with the road. The ride will also be bumpier.

If you are not comfortable adjusting the air in the vehicle’s tires, stop by Heights Swedish Solutions, and we’ll give you a hand.

Patchy Wear in a Diagonal Pattern

If the tires are improperly balanced, you might notice a patchy wear pattern on the tire. You will also feel the imbalance in the steering wheel when you hit a certain speed. Don’t put balancing off, as this will cause the tires to wear faster and have less traction.

Contact Heights Swedish Solutions for tire sales, tire installation, and tire repair. If you notice problems with your tires, stop by, and we’ll check them for you.