Why Winter Tires Are a Necessity in Cleveland Heights, OH

Why Winter Tires Are a Necessity in Cleveland Heights OH with Swedish Solutions; close up image of snow tires on car driving in snow

Why Winter Tires Are a Necessity in Cleveland Heights, OH

Would you play tennis with flip-flops in the snow? Better yet, would you use a butter knife to tighten a screw (bad example)? In either case, having the right tool for the job is essential. However, when it comes to choosing winter tires over snow tires, it’s not just a matter of convenience: it’s a matter of safety. Let’s take a closer look at why you should choose winter tires over all-season tires for driving in Cleveland Heights, OH, during the snow season.

Aren’t All-Season Tires for Every Season?

Yes…and no. All-season tires are like the jack of all trades and master of none. While this may be suitable for southern states that receive little to no snow, these tires are not safe or ideal for winter driving in Cleveland Heights, OH. All-season tires are made for dry and wet conditions and will provide excellent traction in most environments. However, when the temperatures drop — as they do in Cleveland Heights, OH — the rubber on all-season tires will stiffen. Once this happens, the stiffer tire loses the ability to have traction, which significantly compromises your control and stopping ability.

Winter Tires Are Perfect for Snowy, Icy Driving in Cleveland, OH

From black ice to heavy snowfall, winter in Cleveland Heights, OH, leads to highly unpredictable road conditions. Winter tires best meet the combination of snow, ice, and cold temperatures. Winter tires have unique features that allow them to perform best in these inhospitable conditions.

Winter Tires Have Special Rubber

For starters, winter tires are designed with specially-formulated rubber. While the rubber on all-season tires stiffens and loses the ability to generate traction in winter, snow tires or winter tires are designed to remain flexible. And this allows the tire to grip the road better and have better traction.

Winter Tires Have Excellent Tread Depth

Winter tires have deeper tread depths. This works to provide better traction and reduce the buildup of snow.

Snow Tires Have Ideal Tread Patterns

In addition to deeper tread depth, winter tire tread patterns are engineered to channel snow and slush while expelling water.

Winter Tires Have Edges that Bite

Most winter tires feature thousands of tiny slits in the tread. These slits work to provide enhanced traction on ice and black ice.

Winter Tires Outperform All-Season Tires at Every Turn

The numbers don’t lie when it comes to winter tires vs. all-season tires. On icy and snowy roads, winter tires outperform all-season tires at every turn.

  • Winter tires stop sooner on snow. According to one test, a vehicle equipped with winter tires stopped 30 feet shorter or 66% faster than a vehicle with all-season tires.
  • Winter tires accelerate better on ice. Based on the same test, the vehicle with winter tires accelerated a staggering 44% faster than the vehicle with all-season tires.
  • Winter tires stop better on ice. In addition to accelerating better on ice, the winter tires stopped 48% faster, 18 feet and 8 inches shorter than the vehicle with all-season tires.

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When driving in Cleveland Heights, OH, don’t risk it with all-season tires during the winter. You have too much riding on your tires. Instead, the best solution is to reach out to the team at Heights Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights, OH, for the best set of winter tires.

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