4 Fall Car Care Tips for European Cars

Fall Car Care Tips for European Cars | Heights Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights, OH. Closeup image of a man’s hand pouring blue antifreeze or coolant from a canister into a car engine.

4 Fall Car Care Tips for European Cars

As seasonal changes affect vehicles in many ways, it’s time for fall car care to prepare for the coming cold months. In addition to regular car maintenance, these tips will help your European vehicle get you through the fall (and the coming winter).

1. Check and Replenish Your Car Fluids.

You need to do more than just check the fluids. Top off the oil and transmission, brake, and power steering fluids. Make sure you have windshield washer fluid—not just plain water—in the wiper reservoir. 

Don’t just top off the coolant with water. You must also test the coolant to ensure it has the proper glycol concentration. Without it, the engine block could freeze. If you rarely change the coolant, the engine block could start to rust, especially if you frequently top off the coolant with water.

2. Inspect Tires.

While it’s easy to just jump in the vehicle and go, part of fall car care is checking the tires. Worn tires are a significant safety issue. While the legal limit for tire tread depth is 2/32 of an inch, we recommend that you have no less than 4/32 of an inch, especially when it’s already snowing. Deeper treads will push snow and slush away from the tires better.

Moreover, look for signs of dry rot and separated tires. Balance and rotate the tires. Check for uneven wear. If you have summer tires on the vehicle, consider changing to winter tires.

3. Test the Battery and Other Electrical Components.

Part of fall car care is testing the battery. If the battery is close to the end of the warranty date, consider replacing it. Batteries do not like the cold—they tend to drain much quicker when temperatures get below freezing.

The certified auto technicians of Heights Swedish Solutions will test the entire charging system to ensure the battery is holding a good charge and the alternator is not over- or under-charging. Our computerized battery tester also checks for internal conductance and resistance. 

While there, we’ll also test the starter to ensure it is working correctly and not worn. A starter with worn bushings or other internal parts could still work in good conditions but might fail when temperatures drop.

4. Lube the Vehicle’s Door Locks.

You should lubricate the door locks with graphite powder every fall, especially if you have keyless entry. If you don’t keep them lubricated, they could rust, making it impossible to get into your vehicle. 

Don’t put too much in the locks—just one or two puffs are all you need. Work the key in the lock after you put the lubricant in the lock. 

You can also use Teflon spray lube. This lubricant loosens any sticky parts and coats the internal working of the lock with graphite or Teflon.

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When it’s time for your European vehicles’ fall care, we have you covered. And fall is the right time to prepare your car for the coming cold months. 

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