Does the Dealer Have to Do Audi Repair to Maintain the Warranty?

Does the Dealer Have to Service My Audi to Maintain the Warranty? Audi repair by Swedish Solution in Cleveland Heights, OH. Image of a black Audi car.

Does the Dealer Have to Do Audi Repair to Maintain the Warranty?

Audi is the ideal vehicle, striking the perfect balance of comfort, prestige, state-of-the-art technology, and performance.

While there are many exceptional benefits associated with owning this masterfully crafted piece of machinery, Audi repair isn’t one of those attributes.

It’s not that Audi repair and maintenance is exorbitantly expensive. It’s just that way at the dealership.

Fortunately, Heights Swedish Solution specializes in performing fast and efficient Audi repair in Cleveland Heights, OH. We have state-of-the-art tools and highly-trained, certified Audi repair professionals specializing in European vehicles.

As your local Cleveland Heights Audi experts, we are often asked, “Do I have to take my Audi to the dealership for repairs and service?” Few things could be farther from the truth.

On the contrary, if you live in Cleveland Heights, OH, you don’t have to drive to Middleburg Heights to receive Audi repair and service. Instead, Heights Swedish Solutions can help.

Let’s look at why you aren’t required to have Audi repair and service at the dealership.

Does the Dealer Have to Service My Audi to Maintain the Warranty?

By law, no dealership or automotive manufacturer can require you to have repairs or regular maintenance performed at a facility for your new car warranty to remain valid.

In other words, you are free to have your Audi factory scheduled maintenance, tire rotations, suspension repair, oil changes, and other maintenance or Audi repair performed by any mechanic capable of performing the service without voiding your new car warranty.

Why Don’t All Independent Repair Facilities Offer Audi Repair?

Servicing and repairing Audis and other European vehicles is very different from domestic vehicle maintenance.

For starters, Audi repair and service require entirely different tools and equipment. Domestic vehicles use the standard measurement system, while European vehicles rely on the metric. Most auto repair facilities will only have standard wrenches.

Even if the repair facility has metric wrenches, the precise engineering and high-quality parts of an Audi require specialized training. Most auto repair facilities in Cleveland Heights, OH will not have the mechanics and technicians with the special certifications and technical aptitude to perform Audi repair and service. Now, this is where you can run into complications.

Only Choose Credible Audi Repair Facilities

Although you can take your vehicle to any auto repair facility, an error made by the local Jiffy Lube or repair facility could result in the manufacturer voiding your warranty. Because of this, it’s imperative to choose only credible facilities for Audi repair in Cleveland Heights, OH.

Contact Heights Swedish Solutions for the Best Audi Repair in Cleveland Heights, OH

When it comes to finding the best facility for Audi repair, Heights Swedish Solutions will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We have been in business in Cleveland Heights, OH longer than most dealerships in the area.

Since 1982 when we opened as a SAAB shop, we have done nothing but demonstrate an unwavering commitment to excellence in all we do. We have invested in the latest and most advanced automotive repair equipment to deliver fast and affordable Audi repair in Cleveland Heights, OH.

In addition to Audi repair, we also specialize in

Looking to save time and money for your Audi repair? Contact Heights Swedish Solutions for the best Audi repair in Cleveland Heights, OH.