Recommended Pre-Winter Maintenance for European Cars

Recommended Pre-Winter Maintenance for European Cars | Heights Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights, OH. Closeup image of a mechanic’s hand holding a car oil filter that’s for replacement.

Recommended Pre-Winter Maintenance for European Cars

Maintenance is the most important thing you can spend money on when you have a vehicle. Not only does maintenance keep your vehicle running longer and in better condition. It’ll also keep you safe while driving. European cars are no exception. 

Before the snow hits, bringing your vehicle to Heights Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights, OH for pre-winter car maintenance is the best. These “extra” services will ensure your vehicle is protected from the cold elements and safe for winter driving.

This post lists some car parts that need to be looked into before the cold season comes.


If you haven’t recently changed your vehicle’s filters (including the fuel, oil, and air filters), now is the time to change them. If you haven’t had an oil change in the past 3,000 to 4,000 miles, get the oil changed earlier so you can change the oil filter.


You should check all fluids and flush the brake, power steering, and transmission fluids if they are nearing their recommended maintenance schedule. Equally important fluids are the coolant and windshield wiper fluid. 

At Heights Swedish Solutions, we can test the coolant to ensure it is working properly. If the coolant gets diluted, it won’t prevent the engine from freezing. If this happens, you’ll incur more expenses if the block cracks.

Moreover, be sure the windshield washer container is filled with fluid and not plain water, as water will freeze.


One of the most important pre-winter maintenance items is checking tires. Make sure they have enough tire pressure and tread. While 2/32-inch is enough tread for safety, we recommend having at least 4/32-inch in the winter. 

Moreover, if you have summer tires on your vehicle, consider mounting winter tires.

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It’s safe to say vehicles need extra maintenance during winter. It won’t serve you well to think regular maintenance will be enough. Pre-winter care is about keeping your European car in good condition, protecting it from the cold, and keeping you safe. 

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