How to Know Which Tire Services You Need

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How to Know Which Tire Services You Need

While we check your tires when you bring your vehicle for maintenance, you should also do so every couple of weeks. The way the tread wears can tell you a lot about your tires and the tire services you need. You may need to rotate, align, or repair them. Or you may need to buy entirely new tires.

Here are some tell-tale signs that will provide insights into the specific tire service you need.

Tire Repair

The obvious indication you need a tire service is usually that the tire is flat. If you frequently check the tires, you might promptly notice a nail or screw in the tire before it goes flat.

You can only repair a tire if the issue is in the tread. If the breach is in the sidewall, you must replace the tire as sidewalls have too much pressure for a patch or plug to work.

Wheel Alignment

Tire wear is the best way to tell whether you need a wheel or tire alignment. You need an alignment if:

  • Tires wear on one side. Aside from alignment, this is also a sign you need to replace worn suspension parts. But if tire wear is in the center or evenly on both edges, this is an issue in using incorrect tire pressure.
  • The vehicle constantly pulls to one side. However, a low tire can also cause pulling toward the side.

Tire Pressure Adjustment

Not every tire wear is attributed to misaligned tires.

If the tires wear only in the center, you have too much air pressure in the tires. Release air until the tire reaches the proper level.

If the tires wear evenly on both edges but not in the center, it’s the opposite—you have too little air pressure. This time, increase the pressure until you reach the proper pressure.

If you are uncomfortable adjusting the tire pressure or unsure an alignment issue causes the worn tire, the technicians at Heights Swedish Solutions can be of assistance.

Tire Rotation

Determining whether you need to rotate your tires isn’t quite easy because you won’t notice the wear until it is too late. However, if you see that the entire tread pattern on one tire is wearing faster than the other tires, it’s time to rotate the tires.

You should constantly rotate the tires at every oil change to prevent one tire from wearing faster than the others. Even properly balanced tires never wear at the same rate.

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