Are Fluid Flushes Really Necessary in Cleveland Heights, OH?

Are Fluid Flushes Really Necessary in Cleveland Heights OH with Swedish Solution; closeup image of mechanic performing a fluid flush on brakes on a vehicle in shop

Are Fluid Flushes Really Necessary in Cleveland Heights, OH?

As the catchphrase for the ever-popular show Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming.” And the entrance of colder temperatures means now is the ideal time to ensure your vehicle is ready. Don’t know where to get started? Fortunately, the team at Heights Swedish Solutions in Cleveland Heights, OH, can help.

We are the leading automotive repair and maintenance facility offering a vast range of automotive solutions to protect your vehicle and wallet. While snow or winter tires, winter wipers, and winter service may be the first things that come to mind, having fluid flushes can open the door to a vast range of crucial benefits.

Very simply, fluid flushes involve draining all of a particular type of fluid out of your vehicle and replacing it with fresh, clean, pristine new fluid. Let’s take a closer look at why this essential preventative maintenance service is necessary for winter or any other time of the year.

Fluid Flushes Help Prevent Part Failure

Most of the systems and components in your vehicle rely on fluids to function correctly. Whether it’s your engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, engine coolant, or any other vital liquid, these fluids help the vehicle deliver optimum performance. Over time, however, this nutrient-rich fluid is stripped of the vital additives that empower it to do its job.

At the same time, the fluid may collect dirt, metal flakes, debris, and other contaminants that prevent it from performing critical functions. If you fail to replace the fluid, the parts will wear down exponentially quickly, leading to an expensive auto repair.

Save Money with Fluid Flushes in Cleveland Heights, OH

When it comes to your vehicle, an ounce of maintenance is worth pounds of cure (and thousands of dollars). And scheduling a fluid flush is one of the top preventative maintenance steps you can take to protect your vehicle. When you replace the various fluids in your car, you can prevent and prolong more expensive automotive repairs. Although you may be required to pay the fluid flush cost, this service is substantially cheaper than replacing a major component, such as your transmission, radiator, or engine.

Safety First! Fluid Flushes Help You Stay Safe

As with any automotive maintenance, the goal is to keep your vehicle reliable and safe. Failure to have fluid flushes can lead to costly and inconvenient automotive failures and breakdowns. Most importantly, however, failing to have fluid flushes can cause a breakdown of the part when you need it the most. For example, if your brake fluid cannot correctly compress and apply the necessary pressure, your ability to stop your vehicle could be compromised. And we all know what that means.

What Fluid Flush Is Mission Critical for Winter?

While all fluid flushes are paramount, your coolant takes on a heightened sense of importance during the winter. Coolant is tasked with the vital job of protecting your engine, which is the heart and soul of your vehicle. The coolant functions, as the name, suggest in the summer months and keeps your engine and radiator cool.

However, the coolant protects your engine from freezing in the blistering Cleveland Heights temperatures in the winter. In other words, the coolant acts as a cooling mist in the summer and a warm blanket in the winter. Over time, however, your coolant/antifreeze will break down while allowing scale and corrosion to take hold. Scheduling a coolant/antifreeze flush for winter helps ensure this vital fluid continues protecting the most expensive component in your vehicle.

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